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Globaltrack is proud to have been a sponsor for Team 30 in this year’s Rhino Charge, Africa’s premier ecological offroad sporting event.

The scene is the unravaged African bush. The sun is beating down on a team of people who are desperately trying to get a 2,5-tonne 4X4 vehicle out of a mucky riverbank. A crowd of onlookers loudly give advice while a guard post nearby casually awaits the vehicle to reach it.


“Get some weight on the side, quickly or else they’ll roll over,” cried out the spectators.


“Let’s move the winch rope to another tree,” said the calmer voice of Mike Davis, lead runner for Car 30.


Soon enough the vehicle, nicknamed "The Millennium Falcon" on account of its understated appearance, lurched forwards, her front wheels grappling on the sandy riverbank. Screeches can be heard as the winch starts to pull the vehicle, driver, and navigator out of the riverbed. Success! The Millennium Falcon slides into the Guard Post. Sunburnt faces explode in laughter and smiles, the sheer exertion of the day and the ferocity of Rhino Charge 2022 forgotten.



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The Rhino Charge is Africa’s premier ecological offroad sporting event and set up to test the sap. 65 Teams must push and cajole their custom-fitted 4X4 vehicles through unchartered bush in the shortest distance possible around a series of 13 checkpoints, or Guard Posts. Globaltrack is proud to have been a sponsor for Team 30 in this year’s Rhino Charge, that soon proved to be one of the toughest Rhino Charges to date.


This annual off-road 4×4 competition held in Kenya that raises funds to support the activities of the Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust, an NGO which works towards the conservation and protection of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, the so-called “Water Towers”.


The Rhino Charge event that took place on 3rd June 2022, in Mosiro, Kajiado County, raised a remarkable KES 156 million shillings for the conservation of Kenya’s mountain ecosystems.


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This year, Globaltrack partnered with the “Baa Baas” team from Car 30, dubbed the Millennium Falcon with Mike Davis as the team lead runner. It was to be Car 30’s astounding 16th Rhino Charge!


Fundraising is the starting point for this conservation charity that has existed for over 30 years and Car 30 has raised $200,000 to date for the conservation and protection of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems.


Each year represents a blank slate, and the team needs to pledge a minimum of $5,000 to gain an entry slot. The top fundraising teams somehow manage to raise $400,000!


2022 saw generous support from several corporate supporters for Car 30, including Globaltrack, Bollore, Fred Black Insurance, Zalawi Transport & KASAS Kenya.


Bolts, nuts, winches, and bearings


Preparation for Rhino Charge is tantamount in completing the race. The team from Car 30 have been running a heavily modified 1985 3500cc Range Rover Classic since 2006.

Modifications to the Millennium Falcon include locking front/rear diffs, 100% strengthened drive train from gearbox through to hubs, extreme rods, and arms, 40" Good Year tyres and full roll-cage protection.


This year the team managed to procure a 2nd-hand, twin-motor Giggle-pin winch that worked wonders on the front of the car, according to Mike.


“That's the kit but it means little if you don't also work from nose to tail, tightening each bolt and checking through all electrical wiring. The pre-charge support team spent 3 full weeks on this maintenance overhaul and as a result the car was faultless on the day!”


The Team of Car 30


Another hurdle to overcome is getting together a useful bunch of idiots who are willing to risk their health and patience on a mad charge through the bush, explains Mike jokingly.


Judging by the photos of this years’ event, navigating the charge is no laughing matter. 3-4 runners need to crawl their way under and around thick wait-a-bit thorns, over sharp rocks through the heat of the day to find a route for the vehicle to pass through.


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The Charge itself starts at 7:30am and is over at 5:30pm with the hours in between filled with dust, African bush, the sun beating down on the teams and a few curse words echoing over the African rocky terrain to disappear into the savannahs. Good fun is had, and camaraderie shared amongst all participating, all the while keeping the end goal in sight: The conservation of nature.

“In the end Car 30 took too long to get going and ran out of time and a bit of steam. We will bounce back next time. We come back year after year for this good cause."


Why Globaltrack supports The Rhino Charge


Globaltrack is an innovator of industry leading solutions to the transport, logistics, mining, and related industries. We not only endeavour to make transport cheaper, faster, and more profitable – but our award-winning products aim to support green initiatives towards sustainability by enabling operators and business owners to track and measure CO2 emissions of their fleet and individual vehicles, for example.


Globaltrack sponsored Team 30 who helped the annual Rhino Charge in raising over KSh 1.9 billion for vital projects. Rhino Charge seeks to create a win-win equilibrium that balances the needs of local communities and economies with the goal of protecting nature.


To date Rhino Ark, the organiser of Rhino Charge, has built 650 km of electric fences and through the fencing programmes, over 80,000 families are being protected from the dangers of human-wildlife conflicts. These fences protect critical mountain ranges which are vital ecosystems that support Kenya and Africa’s economic development and well-being.


For more information, please visit: or watch the official Rhino Charge 2022 promotional video below:


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